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SF Beer Week: Pig Hunt

A woman working at his hotel swooned over having a bona fide brewer stay in one of her rooms, but no one at Pi Bar recognized Anderson Valley‘s Fal Allen last night, or if they did they played it cool. We had to eat our pizza standing up.

We had already tried their session beer, Wee Geech, at the opening gala, and loved it, and we had some more last night to chase the harder stuff: strong but smooth Imperial Boont; a puckering sour stout; and the truly awesome Drunkin Horn, a barreled barleywine with notes of sour cherries. We were drinking out of tulip glasses, sure, but there’s something unpretentious about Anderson Valley beer that made us think about chilling cans in a trout stream, or getting Zen on a dirt bike. Drinks were drunk, the pizza vanished, and pretty soon we were talking about pig hunting. That’s what happens in Anderson Valley. Or, as they say, “that’s how we do it in the Boont.”

And so we found ourselves, craving pig, at Rosamunde. They were hosting Green Flash, but all out of what we wanted (a nut brown we’ve never tried). We got the usual: stout, IPA, and a wild boar with the works.

(Stay tuned for a dispatch from our last trip up to the Valley, including: redwoods, burritos, dogs in human coffins, and lots of beer.)